How Many Chickens Do You Eat A Year?

Over our morning Lattes, Super-sous and I read an article about how Americans meat consumption is on the decline, possibly in part to the Meatless Monday campaign that has been growing over the past 9 years.

In this article, which we found on, it stated that Americans are eating .5lbs of meat a day.

Well, Super-sous and I had some fun with this fact and a lot of questions came up as well.

First, let’s see how this .5lbs of meat a day translates to the plate… or farm. (Please forgive any miscalculations, we are mathematically challenged):

If a small chicken is 3lbs, which translates to about 2lbs of meat, (and you only eat chicken as your .5lbs of meat a day) you eat approximately 91 chickens a year.

If an average steer is 1200lbs, which translates to about 568lbs of meat, (and you only eat beef as your .5lbs of meat a day) you eat approximately 1/3 of a cow a year.

If an average pig is 300lbs, which translates to about 150lbs of meat, (and you only eat pork as your .5lbs of meat a day) you eat approximately 1 (well, a little over 1) pig a year.

But then we started thinking about all the vegetarians in the USA (about 3.2%) and, well, you really can’t count about 6.5% of the population that is under 5 years of age, and what about people who only eat fish or those that eat meat only once or twice a week (and not .5lbs of it when they do)? This all adds up to… somebody out there is eating A LOT of meat. Like, an entire cow + a few pigs + hundreds of chickens a year a lot.

For the health of this country, I’m glad to see that meat consumption is declining because I hope this means people are enjoying more seasonal produce and whole grains. I also hope that Meatless Monday’s doesn’t mean less meat and more convenience processed foods in our diets.

At the end of the day, fresh food is best for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Because really, do we need to consume more than our own body weight in meat a year?


Cantaloupe Strawberry Salad

Another cooking segment from Growing a Greener World is posted and it’s the perfect salad to cool you down during this hot summer.

In the episode, I give you one delicious way to make this salad and in my book, Great Food Starts Fresh, I show you yet another way to bring this fruit salad from the garden to your plate to your lips.

I’ll bring the Lattes, you bring the fruit. Let’s eat!

What’s Wrong With This Picture? Answer…

Yesterday, over my morning Latte, I posted this photo of a scallop dish that Super-sous and I ordered in a restaurant this past weekend and asked, “what’s wrong with this picture?”.

Many of you guessed it – it’s those little green dots around the plate. (Pesto)  What’s with the placement of these dots. Does the chef want us to eat the lentils with the pesto? Should we eat the scallops with the pesto? All three together? Pesto separately? Should I dip the ends of tines of my fork into the pesto and take a little taste of it throughout the meal, in between bites, perhaps?

This is why I feel presentation is so important. Everything on a plate should have a purpose and it shouldn’t be a guessing game for the one who is ordering it on how it is to be eaten it or if it should be eaten at all. It’s like when you get (old school) a steak served with a stick of rosemary in it. You can’t eat the stick of rosemary, so what’s the point of it being there?

There’s nothing wrong with a little garnish on your plate, but there has to be beauty and function. In the case of the scallops, the pesto was neither and the plate would have been more aesthetically pleasing and delicious without the 10 little dots of green.

The Day

It’s my favorite day of the week.

Sundays mean Lattes (well, that’s everyday, I guess), the Hollywood Farmers Market (my favorite) and cooking all day with fresh produce. It’s also a day to sleep in and relax.

Today’s the day that I give the sweet corn ice cream I made this week to my farmer friend who asked me to make a batch using his delicious corn. It turned out pretty well, I think – sweet corn vanilla ice cream. Is it too early?

Today’s also exciting because last night I found out that I booked another cooking/speaking/book signing gig for the first weekend in October – details coming soon!