Coming soon to a magazine near you…

Coming up in the Spring 2013 issue!

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But what magazine? Any guesses?

(Hint: unfortunately, it’s not Latte Aficionado.)

Oh, and for just a little extra fun…

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Southpaw’s Organic Grill

Last time I was in Dallas, I went to visit my new friends, TJ and Reza, co-0wners of Southpaw’s Organic Grill.

I met TJ and Reza while I was filming my healthy travel food show, Good Food America. We did a great segment on their restaurant and had a lot of fun shooting there.

Now, Southpaw’s has become part of the usual rotation of places (amongst different Latte houses and, of course, Central Market) to visit when Super-sous and I travel to visit her parents (who live in Dallas).

If you’re in the Dallas area and are looking for a hearty and heart healthy meal – you gotta check it out!


11 Days Until Hanukkah and 28 Days Until Christmas!

The holiday season is in full gear!

Now’s the perfect time to grab a copy or two of Great Food Starts Fresh for your food loving friends and family. What’s better (besides giving someone a Latte a day) than to give a delicious gift that keeps on giving?

And, since the holidays are upon us, why not celebrate with chocolate?

Turkey Talk on Huffington Post Live

Last night, after a day of traveling to Dallas to spend Thanksgiving with Super-sous’ family, I participated in a Huffington Post Live conversation all about Turkeys: the history, nutrition, antibiotic information, turkey alternatives, some cooking tips and turkey sex. What? Well, sort of… you’ll see. Wait. I mean you’ll hear…

It was a lively and informative conversation and in the spirit of Turkey day, I invite you and Latte to take a look: