Turkey Talk on Huffington Post Live

Last night, after a day of traveling to Dallas to spend Thanksgiving with Super-sous’ family, I participated in a Huffington Post Live conversation all about Turkeys: the history, nutrition, antibiotic information, turkey alternatives, some cooking tips and turkey sex. What? Well, sort of… you’ll see. Wait. I mean you’ll hear…

It was a lively and informative conversation and in the spirit of Turkey day, I invite you and Latte to take a look:


Huffington Post Segment on Prop 37

Hello, my Latte loving friends,

In case you missed the discussion I had with Michael Pollan on Huffington Post Live Tuesday on genetically modified foods (GMOs) and Prop 37, here is a link to the segment!

Reconnecting with our food

Ya! Last night, post afternoon Latte, I participated in a Huffington Post Live conversation on how we are disconnected from our food and how we can reconnect.

Joining the conversation was also Joel Salatin. If you’ve ever seen Food, Inc. you’ll recognize Joel as the farmer from Polyface farm in the Shenandoah valley. You may also recognize him from a recent episode of Growing a Greener World where we visited Polyface and spoke with Joel about biodiversity and organic farming. He’s a true expert in his field; if you have a handful of minutes, this conversation is a goodie.

Two for Two on Saturdays

I love Saturdays and today is no exception!

On the agenda today in sunny Maine? Cozying up to Latte, a trip to the local farmers market, a new episode of my PBS show, Growing a Greener World, this morning and a new episode of my new show, Good Food America, this evening.

That, in addition to swimming and cooking makes for a perfect day!

Plus, I got to participate in a segment last night for Huffington Post Live – a conversation on why people eat fast food, even thought they know it’s not good for you. (Details/air date tbd.)