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Emmy nominated Chef Nathan Lyon is known to television viewers across the country for his simple, innovative cuisine featuring fresh, seasonal ingredients. Chef and co-host of Growing A Greener World (PBS) and host of Good Food America with Nathan Lyon (Veria), Nathan was the creator and host of A Lyon in the Kitchen (Discovery Health and Fit TV), among the final four on the second season of The Next Food Network Star, and appeared as a guest chef and expert on Home Made Simple (TLC) and Real Simple Real Life (TLC).

After graduating from James Madison University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science and a minor in Public Health, Nathan backpacked his way across Europe, learning about local customs, culture and cuisine. Although every town and country along Nathan’s journey provided its own culinary lesson, the watershed moment occurred in an outdoor market just outside of Florence, Italy: an elderly woman, agog at the massive amount of produce Nathan was stockpiling, eagerly asked, “Why are you buying so much food? Why not just buy fresh every day?” Nathan immediately dumped out half his basket and began pondering those two simple questions.  It was in that market that Nathan discovered his truth: great food starts fresh.

Laden with ideas and information, Nathan headed home, eventually opting for culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Los Angeles, where he earned a Culinary Arts degree. Since that time, Nathan has worked in many restaurants, both in and out of the kitchen, and has also worked with local growers in California farmers markets for over a decade.

Nathan published his cookbook, Great Food Starts Fresh, which has been quoted by Alice Waters, Graham Kerr, Curtis Stone and Jamie Oliver and made the Washington Post’s esteemed “Top Cookbooks” list.

Nathan received the honor of an Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Culinary Host” in 2013. He is a Sustainable Seafood Ambassador with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a Culinary Ambassador with the City of Hope and has cooked at numerous non profits such as the Clinton Foundation. He has even written and co-illustrated (with his older brother, Craig) a children’s adventure book, Sam the Clam.

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14 thoughts on “Bio

  1. I’m so glad you’ve started a food blog as it’s fun to see your interactions with food on more of a daily basis. Currently I’m a student of Chef Steven Nalls at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Boulder, CO. He directed me to your blog as I love all things food- particularly food writing and sustainable eating. He thought I’d like to follow what you do and he was absolutely right! Enjoy your trip and thanks for the excellent posts 🙂

  2. I have enjoyed your TV Show so much “Lyon in the Kitchen” thanks so much. You are fun, educational and make it look so so easy.

  3. I have followed you for years and love what you do. Can you shed some insight on meals based on blood types. I am A+ and follow this diet avoiding potatoes, tomatoes and peppers of all sorts and only eat fowl and certain fish. Can you help me with eating fresh without those ingredients

    • Hi, Tracey! Thanks for the message and your support. I’m not an expert on the blood type diet, but I certainly have a lot of recipes that will meet your criteria. Many of which you can find in this blog and also in my cookbook, Great Food Starts Fresh ( I have a lot of veg recipes you can choose from and a selection of fish and chicken, too! Wishing you the best and let me know how the cooking goes. Thanks again! Your chef, Nathan

  4. Hi Nathan….love the show…trying the find recipe for the Leeks and Talipa Fish that saw on the show today….you make me smile…with that great smile of yours…hope to get your recipe book soon…love how you show us how it is so easy with how you do it etc.

  5. thanks Nathan, that was the one! I am so glad you remembered. Yummy can’t wait to make these “braised” not roasted leeks. (and with fish will be perfect) Thank you so much. Hope you’re enjoying it at the Clean Eating place. Great to see you around again. We met once in Tahoe, in the lobby, briefly. You were there for a demonstration that we couldn’t get tickets for. Anyway, hope all is well. Thanks again for this recipe. I’m glad you are more organized than me. lol Cheers, Liz

  6. Hi Nathan! We first discovered your show, ” Lyon in the Kitchen” . Your joy of cooking and teaching us about good food shined through! We learned a lot and have tried so many more vegetables since.
    My husband and I have watched any show you have been on. We bought your cookbook and still have fun trying your recipes .
    Thank you for the joy you have put into our cooking and enjoyment of good and, healthy food.
    Sincerely, S.D.

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