Growing a Greener World Begins Again

Yay, Latte!

Season 3 of Growing a Greener World, my PBS show, starts airing today!

Check your local PBS listings to watch the show and/or you can watch episode 1 (for free) in the coming days when it is posted online.

In today’s show, I make a delicious pan-roasted broccoli in this episode. Trust me, it’s a goodie. Enjoy!



Discovery plus Me plus Pulled Pork

This morning, Super-sous, Latte, and I headed over to Silver Spring, Maryland, to the headquarters of Discovery Communications (which hosted my show, A Lyon in the Kitchen for 5 years) for a cooking demo and book signing for my seasonal cookbook, Great Food Starts Fresh.

In preparation for the Fourth of July holiday, I prepared my slow cooked pulled pork with homemade barbecue sauce and my apple cabbage slaw with an apple cider vinaigrette. (All delicious recipes found in my cookbook!)

Everyone at the demo and those who helped make it happen, namely by buddy Chris, were such a joy to be with: very welcoming, helpful, and engaging. What a treat!

Now, we’re off to New Jersey for the weekend for my Executive Producer’s (of my new show, Good Food America) daughter’s bat mitzvah.

Let’s hope the Jersey Shore is cooler than what the temperature is right now. A steamy 107 degrees. Now THAT’S slow cookin’.


Up, Off and Away!

Super-sous and I are jet setting to the East Coast today.

First stop, Washington DC. I’ll be doing a cooking demo and book signing at Discovery Health Headquarters (home to my show, A Lyon in the Kitchen).

Then, a trip up to New Jersey to attend my Executive Producer’s (from Good Food America) daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.

After that, we swing back down to the DC area, Arlington to be exact, to celebrate 4th of July and spend time with my parents (who live there).

After the 4th, we’ll be doing a cooking demo and book signing at the Falls Church Farmers Market (on July 7) and we’ll be cooking for a private dinner for a fundraiser for my elementary school.

And, in the middle of it all – a sneak peak of my show, Good Food America, on July 4th and the series premier on July 7th!


Looks like it will be an action packed week.

Latte, prepare yourself!

11 Day Countdown

As the days grow closer to launch of my new TV show, Good Food America, I am getting increasingly excited for everyone to take part in the fun!

If you haven’t seen the trailer for the show, check it out when you can spare, say, about 30 seconds…

Just 11 more days until the premier (July 7th on Veria Living) and you know what that means… at LEAST 11 more Lattes… I’ll drink to that!

Simple Things

Last year, Super-sous and I enjoyed the best cantaloupe of our lives from our farmer buddy, Alex Weiser of Weiser Family Farms.

Needless to say, as melons are coming back in season here in California, we have been keeping our eye on Alex’s farm stand at the Hollywood Farmers Market each Sunday.

Today, with hope to re-create last year’s experience, we took home 3 different types of melons to try. With great anticipation we will break into one of these beauties later today after our afternoon hike.

Other than a double shot Latte, what more does one need than some fresh summer fruit and a dream?




Happy Days are Here Again!

Today, Super-sous and I tried Josef Centeno’s new(ish) restaurant, Baco Mercat.

We first fell in love with Josef’s food when he was the executive chef of The Lazy Ox Canteen in downtown L.A.

The Lazy Ox quickly became our “go-to” restaurant. When friends or family came in town, it was a must. When visitors asked where to eat, it was #1 on our list of recommendations.

However, the day came a few months ago when Josef left to open his new restaurant. As to be expected, the menu and flavors changed and as quickly as we found our favorite L.A. restaurant, we were without one.

Since we were downtown today to check out the Dwell on Design Expo, we decided to hop on over to Baco Mercat to check out Josef’s new digs.

What a happy lunch it was.

With deep satisfaction, I can say that we have found our favorite spot in L.A. again. We just love his food: creative, balanced flavors, wonderful textures, pure deliciousness, and great prices.

If you live in L.A. or are planning a visit, please, for Latte’s sake, don’t miss a visit to Baco.

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Eat Tilapia

Being a Sustainable Seafood Ambassador with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and knowing that many of the large fish in the ocean are being fished to near extinction (e.g. bluefin tuna, chilean sea bass, marlin…), I began doing a little research into aquaculture, as a sustainable alternative.

What I have been discovering, however, is that aquaculture can be equally unsustainable.

For example:

  • to make 1 pound of farmed salmon, you need 2 to 5 pounds of smaller fish (fished from the ocean) to feed that salmon.
  • Many times the fish are overcrowded and this can lead to disease and then the inevitable use of antibiotics. (Sounds like a familiar practice used on land?)
  • On top of that, since fish farming happens around the world, even though the FDA may have banned some of the antibiotics (deeming them unsafe for use), these drugs may end up on your plate as regulations in other countries differ.
  • Sometimes the fish farms are in pens in the ocean and are very susceptible to being destroyed by the elements, e.g. a storm. When the fish escape it can be devastating to the natural habitat as the fish may be diseased (not to mention there are now GMO salmon being farmed).

So, what farmed seafood is safe?

Tilapia is a great choice because it is an herbivore so it does not need fishing to sustain it. It can also be raised in close quarters and is quite resilient to disease.  Shellfish, like oysters and clams, is another good option as they are raised in the ocean and actually clean/filter the ocean water. The farming is extremely sustainable, causing beneficial effects to the environment rather than depleting it.

The best thing you can do is research and ask questions. Grab your Latte and go have a chat with your local fishmonger. Find out where the fish you are buying comes from and how it was caught. You can also ask these questions when you go out to eat.

There are sustainably caught fish and farming practices. We just have to ask the right questions and cast our vote with our dollar.


Food Investments

Dear Latte, I love this image.

The Facebook Page “Idea Planet” shared this photo, crediting it to Mark Bittman.

People often tell me that shopping for fresh foods and shopping at farmers markets is expensive.  Certainly, if you buy a pre-made salad or sandwich or pre-cut apples, the prices can be expensive.

However, buying raw produce that is in season is usually the most affordable thing you can purchase.  Plus, when in season, the produce is packed with nutrients and bursting with flavor.

Investing your time and money in cooking and eating fresh, whole foods is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your family, your taste buds and your health.

And the the good news is – it’s also a very affordable investment with a big return.