Today, while at the gym, Super Sous and I saw a commercial for Pizza Hut’s new 8-inch cookie pizza for $6. (That’s 8 large slices of cookie!) They say that’s what the millennials want. But I believe delicious, home cooked, fresh food is the future… So, we are starting the Fresh Foods Diet. That’s ALL the fresh foods you want, whenever you want them. And it comes with a great price – to your wallet and your health. Who’s in?!‪#‎freshfoodsdiet‬

What’s In Your Food – 2 Slices of Bread Equals…

Here’s another in the series of “What’s In Your Food.”

Recently, Super Sous and I were discussing food labels and ingredients and it led me to a further exploration and a “What’s in your Food” project/experiment. Here’s one in the series of foods I took a closer look at – 1 serving of bread/2 slices of bread =



Reconnecting with our food

Ya! Last night, post afternoon Latte, I participated in a Huffington Post Live conversation on how we are disconnected from our food and how we can reconnect.

Joining the conversation was also Joel Salatin. If you’ve ever seen Food, Inc. you’ll recognize Joel as the farmer from Polyface farm in the Shenandoah valley. You may also recognize him from a recent episode of Growing a Greener World where we visited Polyface and spoke with Joel about biodiversity and organic farming. He’s a true expert in his field; if you have a handful of minutes, this conversation is a goodie.

Up, Off and Away!

Super-sous and I are jet setting to the East Coast today.

First stop, Washington DC. I’ll be doing a cooking demo and book signing at Discovery Health Headquarters (home to my show, A Lyon in the Kitchen).

Then, a trip up to New Jersey to attend my Executive Producer’s (from Good Food America) daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.

After that, we swing back down to the DC area, Arlington to be exact, to celebrate 4th of July and spend time with my parents (who live there).

After the 4th, we’ll be doing a cooking demo and book signing at the Falls Church Farmers Market (on July 7) and we’ll be cooking for a private dinner for a fundraiser for my elementary school.

And, in the middle of it all – a sneak peak of my show, Good Food America, on July 4th and the series premier on July 7th!


Looks like it will be an action packed week.

Latte, prepare yourself!

Food Investments

Dear Latte, I love this image.

The Facebook Page “Idea Planet” shared this photo, crediting it to Mark Bittman.

People often tell me that shopping for fresh foods and shopping at farmers markets is expensive.  Certainly, if you buy a pre-made salad or sandwich or pre-cut apples, the prices can be expensive.

However, buying raw produce that is in season is usually the most affordable thing you can purchase.  Plus, when in season, the produce is packed with nutrients and bursting with flavor.

Investing your time and money in cooking and eating fresh, whole foods is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your family, your taste buds and your health.

And the the good news is – it’s also a very affordable investment with a big return.

Happy Father’s Day

It’s Father’s day!

Happy Father’s day to all the great fathers out there. Especially YOU, Dad! Thank you for ALL of your amazing love and support. I love you.

On the agenda for today – one (possibly two) double shot Latte(s), an outing to the Hollywood Farmers Market and a day of cooking delicious, fresh, seasonal produce.

This afternoon, I’ll be cooking/grilling over at my best friend, Scott’s, house. THE Scott from my cookbook. (I mention him about every 10 to 15 pages, if you haven’t noticed already.)

On the menu:

Grilled artichokes

Sauteed mustard greens with a mustard vinaigrette

Bright vinegar-based cabbage apple coleslaw salad

Eggplant mozzarella crostini

Grilled fresh sardines

Slow cooked baby back ribs

What’s the secret to that fall of the bone goodness, you ask? Removing that tough membrane. I give detailed instructions as to how to do so in my cookbook and I have also created this video to show you as well. Fool proof. These are a goodie. Page 175 from my cookbook.

(Hope this is all enough for the 4 attendees. Anyone hungry?)

Have a wonderful Sunday and a wonderful Father’s Day, my friends.

Happy cooking!