Happy Days are Here Again!

Today, Super-sous and I tried Josef Centeno’s new(ish) restaurant, Baco Mercat.

We first fell in love with Josef’s food when he was the executive chef of The Lazy Ox Canteen in downtown L.A.

The Lazy Ox quickly became our “go-to” restaurant. When friends or family came in town, it was a must. When visitors asked where to eat, it was #1 on our list of recommendations.

However, the day came a few months ago when Josef left to open his new restaurant. As to be expected, the menu and flavors changed and as quickly as we found our favorite L.A. restaurant, we were without one.

Since we were downtown today to check out the Dwell on Design Expo, we decided to hop on over to Baco Mercat to check out Josef’s new digs.

What a happy lunch it was.

With deep satisfaction, I can say that we have found our favorite spot in L.A. again. We just love his food: creative, balanced flavors, wonderful textures, pure deliciousness, and great prices.

If you live in L.A. or are planning a visit, please, for Latte’s sake, don’t miss a visit to Baco.

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