Size Doesn’t Matter

No matter how big or small it is, shopping at your local farmers market is one of the greatest experiences in life (and made even greater when paired with a double shot Latte).

Today, Super-sous and I went to one of our favorite local markets which consists of about 6 or 7 produce stands. It may be small (for California standards), but not having been to/shopped at a farmers market for the past 8 weeks, it was heaven, and we were able to stock up on some of the basics, to hold us over for the next few days.

I bought a beautiful 2 pound filet of line-caught Morro Bay salmon yesterday, so Super-sous and I are going to do some recipe creation which will involve some of the following ingredients (used over various dishes): dinosaur kale, fennel, peas, avocado, golden raisins, shallot, garlic, mint, thyme, rosemary, oregano, lemon and lemon zest, burrata cheese, goat cheese, and a lot of extra virgin olive oil.

With so many fresh, local ingredients, the kitchen is just begging for a piece of the action. Time to cook!


Super-sous and I are on our way home from a fabulous weekend at the Cooking for Solutions event that took place this past weekend at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and, as we drive this 6 hour stretch from Monterey to LA, we are about to wrap up a total of 8 weeks on the road, crisscrossing the US, cooking all over the country and meeting amazing people.

Which leads me to share some news that I am VERY excited about…

This coming Saturday, Super-sous and I are going for a little r & r in Hawaii-the big island!

After 15 years living in LA and never going to Hawaii, 2 years of intense 16-18 hour days working on finishing my book and 8 weeks traveling around the US, shooting my new show, I am just about ready to lay on a beach and take a nap or two.

That said, our buddy Sam Choy, which we re-connected with at the Event in Monterey this past weekend has graciously invited us to get together while we’re on island and, no doubt, get involved in some delicious mischief making.

Hawaii… I haven’t met you yet, but I know I already love you. Let the countdown begin, Latte – 5 days!


Cooking for Solutions Success

Super-sous and I are wrapping up a wonderful weekend at the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the Cooking for Solutions event.

Today, I had my final speaking/cooking demo followed by a book signing.

What a backdrop!

Not only that, but we were able to attend our friend, (the master chocolatier at TCHO Chocolate), Brad’s informative and fascinating speech on the history and origin of chocolate. Thanks to Brad and his lovely fiance, Melissa, who helped ran the session. (P.S. Like mochas? Try making a Latte with TCHO chocolate – it will knock your socks off – and you can thank Brad for that.)

To top it off, we had a behind the scenes tour of the Aquarium and even got to feed some of the fish!

Many, many thanks to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Team for all that they do to educate, inform, and bring people from all around the world together to promote the health and sustainability of our oceans. You are all such an inspiration!

Let The Event Begin

Cooking for Solutions has begun!

I was able to attend a few inspiring talks about food politics and sustainability issues today and eat some delicious food, cooked up by Chef James Waller:

Tonight, a full-on gala at the Monterey Bay Aquarium where chefs, wineries and chocolatiers will be sampling their unique delights.

What’s more? One of my brothers, Eric, is in town with some of his friends and will be attending the event, too.

That, plus a Peets Latte to begin the day. It doesn’t get much better than this…

17 Hours

17 glorious hours after landing in LA, Super-sous and I are en route to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the “Cooking For Solutions” event happening this weekend.

Even though we were only home for a handful of hours, we managed to stop by the Thousand Oaks farmers market on our way out of town to grab 3 pounds of cherries and a 20 pound bag of oranges – our weekend fresh fruit staples.

We also managed to get in a morning hike and, of course, the compulsory life-giving Latte.

2 more hours to go before we arrive to beautiful Monterey.

And the extra cool bonus? Super-sous bought us a Go-Pro camera (the small hi-def camera you can strap on your head (shaved head not necessary) or mount just about anywhere for taking video). Get ready for some upcoming action-adventure Vlogs, my friends!



That’s a Wrap

Season 1 of Good Food America has officially wrapped and Super-sous and I are on the plane, waiting to take off to fly back to LA!

Stay tuned in the upcoming days for a blog or two about the fun last days of the shoot… and information about the Cooking for Solutions event that’s happening this weekend at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Yours truly will be doing a radio interview with Joe Riddell, 2 cooking demos, 2 book signings, and Super-sous and I will be competing in an Iron Chef event!

In the meantime, I think my carry-on luggage kind of says it all. Yes, it’s time to go home.