Super-sous and I are on our way home from a fabulous weekend at the Cooking for Solutions event that took place this past weekend at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and, as we drive this 6 hour stretch from Monterey to LA, we are about to wrap up a total of 8 weeks on the road, crisscrossing the US, cooking all over the country and meeting amazing people.

Which leads me to share some news that I am VERY excited about…

This coming Saturday, Super-sous and I are going for a little r & r in Hawaii-the big island!

After 15 years living in LA and never going to Hawaii, 2 years of intense 16-18 hour days working on finishing my book and 8 weeks traveling around the US, shooting my new show, I am just about ready to lay on a beach and take a nap or two.

That said, our buddy Sam Choy, which we re-connected with at the Event in Monterey this past weekend has graciously invited us to get together while we’re on island and, no doubt, get involved in some delicious mischief making.

Hawaii… I haven’t met you yet, but I know I already love you. Let the countdown begin, Latte – 5 days!



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