Great Food Starts Fresh Reviews

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Great Food Starts Fresh was named a Washington Post “top cookbook”


Nathan Lyon is an exuberant force for good in the sustainable food movement. Through his fresh, simple recipes, he teaches the important truth that we are happiest—and healthiest—when we are eating real food made from seasonal and local ingredients.            – Alice Waters

There’s a wonderful race in progress.  It began in a small way when Alice Waters teamed up with great farmers of fresh produce.  The media noticed and it now looks more like the Boston Marathon.  Look closely at the front runners and one of them has a shiny head and a big smile. That’s Nathan Lyon, he is the one who is having fun, he doesn’t need to win, he just loves to run and share his enthusiasm with anything that moves! Give him a place in your kitchen and he’ll get you in the race for the common good, it’s fun and you will feel wonderfully full of life.  – Graham Kerr

 I love this book. It’s full of beautiful, simple, delicious recipes that I want to eat regularly. Nathan’s enthusiasm and passion for cooking is second to none, and his mission is to get more of us eating great, simple, local food. All of his wonderful energy is in this book. Great job, Nathan.  – Jamie Oliver

Nathan has mastered the art of using fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients to create delicious recipes… the perfect philosophy.  – Curtis Stone


Nathan Lyon… celebrates the fresh and local foods of the farmers markets in his debut cookbook, Great Food Starts Fresh. Lyon seamlessly implements seasonal produce into over 130 options for breakfasts, appetizers, side dishes, entrees, and desserts. There’s also a section on how to choose and properly store seasonal produce, helping you become a more resourceful cook in the process. – Clean Eating Magazine, Issue 29

[Great Food Starts Fresh] is full of easy-to-follow recipes that don’t play with ingredients too much, instead just letting them speak for themselves in simple dishes that you’ll keep coming back to. – Jamie Magazine, Issue 30

Nathan’s great at simplifying cooking tasks that seem complex, whether it’s homemade barbecue sauce or chocolate soufflés, and uses whole ingredients–things that are identifiable in their natural state, meaning no high-fructose corn syrup or chemical mixes in any of the recipes. It’s a huge book–350 pages divided into five seasons (yes, Virginia, chocolate is its own season). Nathan’s an incurable optimist, and believes that everybody can make great food if they try. I challenge you to prove him right. – The OC Weekly, Dave Lieberman


This book is such a joy to use because it is effective. The recipes are food I want to eat, and more importantly food that my family and friends find delicious. But Chef Nathan Lyon did something that many cookbook authors fail to do because it takes a lot of work… he tested these recipes. I own an entire shelf of cookbooks that inspire me, but I have to take their measurements with a ‘grain of salt’ because they often don’t turn out as promised. In an industry where the venerable Martha Stewart and the beloved Paula Deen both admit to putting recipes out of their heads into their books without personally testing them. Chef Lyon not only tested each recipe until it is virtually foolproof, he wrote his instructions in such a simple instructional way that it’s obvious he understands the cookbook user — we are distracted and attempting a new food adventure amidst foreign ingredients and intimidating techniques.
I swear someone could have signed these recipes into Hellen Keller’s hand and she could have cooked Lyon’s offerings. A bonus is that Lyon’s personality comes through. One recipe that required repeated pan shaking, he chucks you on the shoulder in a literary way and instructs, “You guessed it, shake the pan again”. Recently I turned my 9-year-old daughter loose to cook the Pan Roasted Halibut with Salsa Verde and Asparagus whose picture she was captivated by. Lyon’s recipe made perfect sense to her and it was so delicious it is now the only fish my husband wants served in our home. Oh, and I should reveal that my daughter has just come to America 10 months ago from Taiwan, speaks almost no English* and has certainly never tasted anything like this Halibut recipe. Lyon will certainly empower anyone that cooks with his book.
*Yes, I helped her with basic translations but that’s it. – Mason Bendewald

Wonderful cookbook from a really great chef. We love the emphasis on seasonal cooking.This is a really good book for people who are trying to eat in a sustainable manner. – J. Collins

This is a gorgeous book (weighs a ton but gorgeous!) Chef Nathan is creative, passionate, witty, and keeps me interested and involved effortlessly with his style and charm. Almost more of a “coffee table” book than a cookbook. – Darla Ostrum

Food Lovers/Great Food Starts Fresh Owners

What a BEAUTIFUL book! I love the shape, the photography, the recipes – all of it. After reading through your book, I am so inspired to eat fresh food that if a farmers market is open right now, I am going to go! I can’t wait to cook these recipes. Thank you. – Shelley Santibanez

This book is awesomely beautiful! – Sarah Spitz

Thank you for writing such an engaging book to help people get excited about eating fresh and healthy! – Tracy Bailey

The photos in your book are gorgeous! – Prissie Nguyen

I just wanted to thank you for the best pulled pork recipe EVER! I cooked it for my friends and everyone went wild over it. Even my neighbors came over with forks in hand. I can’t wait to try more of your recipes from the book. – Jan James

Love, love, LOVE the granola recipe from your cookbook! I have made it about 5 times and it has become my tried-and-true back up meal with a busy household of 3 boys… Thank you! – Ann Thompson

Made the pasta and spicy sausage, ricotta, golden raisins and pine nuts recipe on page 289 and it was a hit with the kiddo! So yummy! – Michelle Yeaton

Love, love, love Great Food Starts Fresh cookbook. Top notch from the photos, to the instructions, to the healthy recipes… and the final results – so delicious! – LeAnn Kalita

I LOVE your book. As an RN and Integrative Health Coach, I found all the recipes to be amazing. – Jenn Ross

The recipe for broccoli soup is FANTASTIC! I am not much of a broccoli soup person, but after looking at the ingredients, I decided to make it. It looked good and tasted even better. – Pat Lengle

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