Million Tomato Compost Campaign!

Announcing – news of the healthy and delicious:

I’m so excited share with you all that I’m working with the U.S. Composting Council on their Million Tomato Compost Campaign which launched this week! The goal? To spread the word that compost builds healthy soil allowing us to grow food in a sustainable way and build healthy communities.

School and community gardens are coming on board and you can too!

Find out how you can participate and contribute to reaching our goal to grow 1,000,000 tomatoes that we will enjoy (yes, there will be many delicious recipes coming your way), share and donate to food banks.

So, grab your gardening gloves and find out more at



Hallmark’s Home and Family Show

Tune in to Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family Show tomorrow, Thursday, April 25th, and you’ll see me cooking up a delicious tilapia dish from my cookbook, Great Food Starts Fresh!

We had a lot of fun during my cooking segment (yes, there was dancing with a fish involved) and if you watch the whole episode, you’ll even see me singing some classics from the 80’s.

It’s a great show and the team over there couldn’t be nicer group of people.

See you tomorrow!