Black Friday GIVEAWAY

Friends, food lovers, Latte fanatics!

It’s the holiday season. Black Friday is upon us. And, in the spirit of the festivities, I’m doing a holiday GIVEAWAY.

As Great Food Starts Fresh (my seasonal cookbook with 135 recipes divided into the 5 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Chocolate) makes a GREAT holiday gift, I am doing a special Black Friday Giveaway (Friday, November 23, 2012).

Here’s the deal! When you buy a cookbook (or cookbooks) on Black Friday, you will be entered into a drawing to win either (your choice) a Great Food Starts Fresh T-shirt (ladies M or L || men’s M, L & XL) or a Farmers Market tote bag, both designed using original artwork from my cookbook.

The names will be collected on Friday, picked at random and I will notify the winner on Saturday, November 24.

The coolest part? With each cookbook purchased, your name will be entered into the drawing, so if, for example, you buy 3 books, your name will be entered three times!

The holidays are right around the corner and you deserve to get a free bonus gift, right? Yes! So, head on over to to grab your copy of Great Food Starts Fresh on Black Friday, November 23, and a special farmers market tote bag or t-shirt may be on its way to you.


2 thoughts on “Black Friday GIVEAWAY

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