Choices and Sacrifices

Super-sous and I have been in the routine of busting out hour-long stairs workouts 6 days a week. To beat the heat, we have been scheduling our workout in the mornings – at about 8am. The routine has been to wake up at 7, get ready and head to the coffee shop that is 2 blocks from the base of the 231 step staircase that we trod (endlessly) up and down.

The Lattes served are delicious. The kind where you don’t even need any sweetener. It’s been a wonderful morning routine. That little kick of caffeine right before the stairs. It’s been perfect. Until… we found out yesterday morning that they do not use organic milk in their espresso beverages.

What a buzz-kill. Literally.

There are choices (big and small) we, as consumers, make every day that have a ripple effect on other people, the environment, politics and so on. Everyone has to find their own path through the road of knowledge and awareness. It can be exciting, daunting, and exhausting. Where does the road begin and where does it ever end?

Super-sous and I have decided that we can’t support the non-organic dairy industry via our daily habit. Months of Lattes equals a fair chunk of change. Plus, we know too much about how non-organic milk affects the environment, animals and our health. This is a wonderful thing. We are informed and can support that which we feel is important. At the same time, it’s also sometimes a bummer. In this case, we really loved that local coffee shop routine. (We have asked them to switch to organic milk – so perhaps this caffeine induced relationship will soon be rekindled.)

Now, on an individual level avoiding non-organic milk may not seem that big of a deal. But this subject expands and broadens over time and knowledge. Like when you find out where your favorite restaurant sources their food from and it’s not what you were hoping to hear. Or who the parent company is behind your favorite organic cereal and you don’t like what they support or how they do business.

The questions and choices go on and on. And the more you know, the more choices you are able to make.

For now, Super-sous and I are having our morning Latte at home (before heading to the stairs) using locally-sourced beans and organic milk. (Bonus? We’re saving a chunk of change every day!)

I’ll drink to that… and a double shot Latte sounds like just the thing.


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