5 more days!

fiber diptic copy.jpgHappy and Healthy in 2018!

Just 5 days until the big GROUP start (JAN 2) of Fiber Fourteen – a 14-day fiber-rich, calorie-light recipe meal plan designed to improve your health. (Of course, you can start anytime!)

Did you know that a diet rich in fiber can help you lose weight, improve bowel health – like easing constipation (yup, we’re talking about it), help to control blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol and reduce your risk of stroke?

Find out more about the wonder drug that is fiber and all the details of the 14-day delicious recipe meal plan at www.fiberfourteen.com. And please reach out with any questions. (Also, please feel free to forward this email  – I don’t want to leave anyone out who might be interested.)

5 days and counting! Join in now. P.S. The plan is currently ON SALE!

Here’s to a healthy New Year!