3 Weeks Down

Today is the last day of filming (for the first 3-week stretch) my new show, Good Food America.

So far, we’ve been to Austin, Dallas, Seattle, Portland, Santa Rosa, Berkeley and are now in San Francisco. (Add the to that the small diversion of heading to NYC for the Today Show  – wow – did that really happen?!)

Tomorrow, super-sous  and I go back to sunny and warm L.A. for a week of recouping and resting before heading out again on the road (for another 3 weeks of shooting). (Here’s a photo of super-sous and I in a colder, wetter moment of this trip!)

As it often does, time has flown by – like the blink of an eye  – and there’s a few people that I MUST introduce you to before we all disperse tomorrow because they won’t be traveling with us on the next leg of shooting for various reasons.

First, our fabulous San Francisco support team which consists of George (He’s kind of a bad ass superstar and professional photographer. He’s the kind of person that before you even know to ask for something, it’s already right there – set up and ready to go. George has made the San Francisco leg a “smooth sailing” experience):

and our intern Kai (who is pictured here with the amazing Carrie from the production team – more about her in a minute):

Kai was brought on the team a few days ago when we were shooting in Berkeley. He was outside the restaurant where we were filming, selling candy for a fundraiser for his school, and one of the camera guys on the team, Kevin (who I will introduce to you in a blog post at a later date) asked him if he wanted to come in and help out for the day since he wasn’t really selling much candy. Kai is 12 years old and although he lives in Berkeley and has school, he came out to San Francisco and helped us out for an additional day of filming. (Thanks Kai’s Mom!). He has been a fantastic help and yesterday he tried his first oyster ever – with some reservations at first – but he ended up loving it.

Thank you George and Kai for all your help. You’re the best.

And, of course, the one and only, Carrie, who has been with us these 3 weeks, but who will, unfortunately, not be with us for the next 3 week leg as she will be holding up the fort at the production offices of the awesome Two River Pictures which is located in New Jersey.

Carrie is thoughtful, kind, friendly, helpful, organized, smart, and tireless. Her job never stops. She’s the first one up and the last one to sleep and she does it all with a great attitude.  She’s funny and she’s game for anything. Thank goodness we will be stopping by New Jersey on the next leg of shooting so we can see her then! Thanks, Carrie.

Okay, San Francisco. It’s a sunny day. You’re looking beautiful. Let’s have a great last day. Latte, let’s do it up!


TODAY has been a great day!

What a day! Woke up at 6:00am sharp for an important meeting with Latte, got to the Today Show studios at 7:30, was whisked off to makeup for a quick head powdering and then I found myself in the magical and beautiful Today Show studio kitchen.

Two quick 10 second teasers later (live promo spots for my segment) and there I was with Al Roker, face to face, cooking it up (preparing my halibut and cherry clafoutis recipes from my cookbook) for a 4 minute segment. I was even able to share about my new TV show, Good Food America.

In case you missed my segment, check out this link. Al, you rock.


Super-sous took lots of behind the scenes photos and thanks to my sweet friends, I got some snapshots from the TV. Enjoy and thanks for your support everyone!!!

Flying back to San Francisco in a few hours to continue shooting with the Good Food America Production Crew. So long New York. You’ve been great.

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24 HOURS!!!

Holy Latte.

Depending on where you live in the country – we are at the 21-24 hour countdown!

Tomorrow, Monday, April 16th, at around 8:45am Eastern Standard Time, I will be cooking 2 recipes from the Spring season of my cookbook on the Today Show!

Looks like I’ll be cooking with Today host Savannah Guthrie. Sweet.

I’ll also be talking about my new show on Veria Living, Good Food America. Heck ya’!

So, my West Coast friends who will in no way be up at 5:45am, set your DVRs – because it’s ON.


Today, I’m in Berkeley, California. We’re shooting all day (two different locations) and then we zoom back to the hotel for a quick round of shut eye before my super-sous and I head off to the airport early Sunday morning to fly to NYC.

Then, Monday at 8:45AM EST… it’s…

Latte, prepare yourself. I’ll be cooking up 2 recipes from the Spring season of my cookbook and I’ll be talking all about my new show, Good Food America.

Get ready for fun behind the scene photos!

Until then, here a few pics from the last few days on the road.

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In 6 days, Monday, April 16th, I’ll be on the Today Show.

I’ll be cooking 2 recipes from the Spring season of my cookbook, Great Food Starts Fresh.

Praise Latte!

That means, I’ll be taking a 24 hour hiatus from filming my new TV show, Good Food America, to fly to New York (with my super-sous, of course) for the Today Show, and then fly back to the West Coast (San Fran) to continue filming. Whew!

So, let the countdown begin, my Latte loving friends…

6 more days – yahoo!