Pokpok – Notnot

Yesterday, we said goodbye to beautiful, sunny (yes, sunny) Seattle.

After a trip to Vashon island (a 10 minute ferry ride from Seattle) to film at a very special food purveyor, we made our way to Portland, Oregon.

My sous and I were recommended a place to eat in Portland from several different sources (2 of them being chefs) called pokpok – which serves Thai street/pub food. So, we headed to the restaurant for dinner last night with our Executive Producer, Garrett, and the lovely Carrie who is part of the production team on Good Food America.

The interior of the restaurant was very hip and well-designed and their sister lounge across the street was a fantastic dive”ish” bar – so we were off to a good start. Well, perhaps it was because the executive chef was not present, but the food was, unfortunately, underwhelming. Flavors masked by extreme spice (I’ve never consumed so many thai chiles), fish stock mixed with fruit, flabby eggplant – again, underwhelming and actually, unpleasant. Out of 10 dishes, we liked 3 (their famous chicken wings, a noodle dish with shrimp and pork belly, and a Brussels sprouts dish). If you have eaten at pokpok, please let me know what we missed!

We’re here for another 2 days and I can’t wait to try out Portland’s most delicious spots and, of course, there is Latte. Latte, when have you ever let me down? Answer: never. Thank Latte for Latte!

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