See You Soon, New York

After 2 restaurants, 1 farmers market, and 1 fish market, Super-Sous and I say “so long” to New York City.

It’s been an awesome run and tomorrow we are off to Connecticut.

Can’t wait to tell you more about the fun adventure that is to come in the next few days, however with the past 2 shoot days being extremely long with VERY early morning call times, it’s time for a little shuteye.

Latte? I’ll see you in the (late) morning.


Sunny City Friday

What a beautiful day in New York City!

Not only is the sun out and temperatures are in the upper 60’s, but the 2 restaurants we shot at today are serving off the charts food and the chefs are mad talented.

Bonus? With an early wake up time of 5am, Latte has been keeping me company all day.

It’s hard to believe there are only 3 more shoot days left for season 1 of Good Food America. One more day in NYC and then we’re off to Connecticut!