Braised Spiced Chickpeas 
with Swiss Chard & Sweet Potatoes

Check out my 1 pot wonder dinner, Braised Spiced Chickpeas with Swiss Chard and Sweet Potatoes, in the latest issue of Clean Eating magazine – hey it’s the cover photo – and it’s available online!


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Eat Meat or Drink Latte?

The choice is clear. Humanity cannot survive without caffeine, but can certainly survive without meat.

One day, there just won’t be enough water for us to eat meat.

“A California Water Education Foundation study found that one gallon of tofu requires 219 gallons of water per pound, compared to 477 gallons for eggs, 896 gallons for cheese and 2,463 gallons for beef. A frequently cited global study estimates that it takes 1,857 gallons to produce a pound of beef, and 469 gallons for a pound of chicken (not including processing).” –