Eating Tacos with Bobby Bognar

This past weekend, I took my pal Bobby Bognar (host of the History Channel’s Food Tech & owner of The Point in Culver City) to one of my favorite taco spots in Los Angeles, Guisados. Here was our trip in less than 1 minute. Enjoy!

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Food and Hollywood Co-branding and Farmers Market Fashion

The latest Pass the Salt Podcast Episode is up!

This week we discuss food marketing (to kids) in terms of co-branding with blockbuster Hollywood hits and how we succumbed to the ads and farmers market fashions in LA. Silly and fun, but we do get into what to buy, when to go and what to avoid.

Listen on…

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Episode 16 of Pass the Salt Podcast is UP!

Another BRAND NEW EPISODE of Pass the Salt Podcast is up!

This week: Downtown LA dive bar, Bar 107, has launched a Twitter revolution — ‪#‎occupybar107‬ — refusing to leave even though their landlord has asked them to. Why? They say it’s because the landlord wants to bring in a new tenant who will pay a higher rent. We talk about our favorite hole-in-the-walls who’ve fallen victim to gentrification and our own hipster-guilt (or lack thereof) about forcing small mum-and-pop restaurants out when we/”they” move in.

Plus — An exhibit of historic LA restaurant menus… What we learned from checking out the To Live and Dine in LA exhibit at the central Los Angeles Public Library this week!

And finally — our favorite segment, our Bite of the Week, featuring bites from Dallas, Hawaii and Bren’s oddball combination that makes all of our noses turn up!

Listen now!

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A Bittersweet Bite

I must say, this kale salad (from my cookbook) has been my go-to salad this entire winter. It’s hearty, tasty, oh-so filling, but not overly so (I mean, I still have an amazing piece of slow-cooked olive oil poached salmon in the oven!). It has a subtle bitterness (from the kale), it’s pleasantly sweet (from the oranges and dried cranberries) with a great crunch (read: nuts, kale, apple) and is finished with a splash from the dynamic duo: red-wine vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil (kale’s best buds). Fresh, delicious, and fast.

Yet, now that the LA rains have arrived, and winter is coming to a close, I must say, I will miss the winter produce and all the magical one-pot wonderness that can be enjoyed with cool weather. Recipes that last for days, often times getting better – more flavorful with time (if they’re not devoured by your guests, of course). Rustic soups, stews, and slow-roasted root vegetables.

As the weeks pass and the first fava beans, artichokes and asparagus arrive at the farmers markets, those winter veggies I embraced so lovingly will slowly fade from my Rolodex of recipes – making way for quicker, simpler cooking techniques.

But for now, my tasty bowl of kale salad, it’s just you and me, a blanket, a book and some tea.

Thank goodness Latte is always in season.