Clean Eating November 2014

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End of an Era

Last night it happened.

It was a double shot.

(And I’m not talking about Latte.)

My Krups blender that I purchased as a floor model, may it rest in peace, finally gave out on me after 13 years of wonderful mixing and blending AND the 2000 feet of plastic film I got from a restaurant I worked at 7 years ago, finally gave out it’s last swath of film.

All in one night. My very first blender. Bam. Then my momma roll of film. Gone.

Just like that.

It’s the end of an era. These two kitchen goodies were with me, side by side, through many a recipe and more specifically, 6 years of cookbook creation – recipe development, testing, fine tuning, and so on.

Yes, I suppose it’s time for a new blender, one that has a readable dial and labels, and plastic film that rolls out with ease and cuts with precision.

All I know is, whatever comes my way next, they’ve got big shoes to fill.


Cream puffs and tarts and pies, oh my…

Last night I went off the baking deep end.

The original goal was to make one pie shell to make a blueberry pie to bring to an afternoon tea Super-sous and I are going to today in celebration of a friend’s engagement.

Well, my Latte loving friends, that one pie shell turned into making 5 shells, a chocolate raspberry tart, a dozen or more cream puffs and eclairs, and a lemon meringue pie.

Needless to say, I have yet to complete the original task.

No worries – with 12 pints of blueberries at my hand (yesterday Whole Foods was selling organic blueberries for $1.99 a pint!), the show continues.

It’s time for some more baking.

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Kitchen Play

It’s great to spend time in the kitchen again.

Super-sous and I have been spending time doing recipe development almost every day for the past week – now that the cookbook is done, it’s time to expand the repertoire.

Here are a few of the goodies we have been working on.

An orange zest, grand mariner butterscotch bread pudding recipe which needs to undergo a fair amount of revisions to refine the texture and flavor and lower the fat cause this one will outright kill ya’. (But, oh my Latte, this one is a goodie.)

Sauteed mustard greens with a mustard vinaigrette and poached egg. This one is definitely a keeper and will get refined this weekend for the 4th time.

Asian style salad with a seasoned rice vinegar ginger garlic chili dressing inspired by Sam Choy (from our time cooking with him on the Big Island in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago).


Of course there was the fresh local sardine night. Learning how to clean and filet them properly.

Ricotta stuffed squash blossoms. Delicious – a real treat, however the batter still needs some tweaking.

It’s so fun to learn and play in the kitchen.

All around the country, farmers markets are overflowing with summer’s bounty.

So, grab some of that fresh produce and give yourself time and permission to play a bit.

Post photos on my Chef Nathan Lyon Facebook page because it’s so inspiring to see and hear about what others are doing.

Let’s cook!

Back in Action

After a week of ocean bliss in Hawaii and a handful of days to get settled back in L.A., Super-sous and I have hit the ground running and are back in action.

It’s been a great couple of weeks. We’ve been hitting up at least 3 farmers markets a week, cooking up many new recipes (finally getting back in the kitchen), and getting down to business.

Yesterday, I was in the studio recording an episode (on healthy restaurants) for The Splendid Table! (TBD as to when it will air.) The recording studio was in the American Public Media Marketplace Offices in downtown L.A. and I got to meet and give a cookbook to my Marketplace hero, Kai Ryssdal!

After that, we zoomed over to another studio to do voice over work for my new show, Good Food America, which starts airing on July 7 (with a little sneak peak on July 4).

Up next: the slow sipping of my double shot Latte, a trip to the gym, a visit to a nearby farmers market to get kale and fresh blackberries, and an evening of recipe development in the kitchen.

Dinner plans, anyone?

TODAY has been a great day!

What a day! Woke up at 6:00am sharp for an important meeting with Latte, got to the Today Show studios at 7:30, was whisked off to makeup for a quick head powdering and then I found myself in the magical and beautiful Today Show studio kitchen.

Two quick 10 second teasers later (live promo spots for my segment) and there I was with Al Roker, face to face, cooking it up (preparing my halibut and cherry clafoutis recipes from my cookbook) for a 4 minute segment. I was even able to share about my new TV show, Good Food America.

In case you missed my segment, check out this link. Al, you rock.

Super-sous took lots of behind the scenes photos and thanks to my sweet friends, I got some snapshots from the TV. Enjoy and thanks for your support everyone!!!

Flying back to San Francisco in a few hours to continue shooting with the Good Food America Production Crew. So long New York. You’ve been great.

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