Vegas, Baby! It’s delicious.

This Valentine’s day Super-sous surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas.

Now, let me clarify that neither of us are big Vegas people. Gambling, smoking, crowds. These are not our preferred activities.

That said, we wanted a little getaway somewhere that was close, but outside of  L.A. and where good food and good deals abound. So… that’s how Vegas came into the picture.

Super-sous wanted us to eat delicious food on Valentine’s day. “Part of our culinary education” were some of the words used to explain the purpose of the trip.

Mission accomplished.

I do believe that we are now both Vegas converts.

We did not have one bad morsel of food. Not one.

For a very special treat, we ate at L’atelier de Joel Robuchon on Valentine’s day, Robuchon’s 1 star Michelin star rated restaurant in Las Vegas. (The less expensive version of his 3 star restaurant in Vegas.)

It may have been on the pricier spectrum of things, but it was worth every single delicious bite. It was a culinary experience to last a lifetime.

If you’re a serious foodie and you have a trip to Vegas somewhere on the horizon, I can’t recommend this restaurant enough. It was a splurge and one that everyone deserves to treat themselves to from time to time.

One of the extra special moments of the dinner was the celebration of our table-neighbor’s birthday. She and her husband spend almost every Valentine’s day/her birthday at L’atelier. We chatted each other up throughout the night and turns out that they know the Executive Pastry chef of the restaurant whom we got to meet (bonus desserts!). They even shared their special birthday cake with us.

It wasn’t the best lighting for pictures, but the obligatory food photos had to be taken. Even of Latte.

Bon Appetit.



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