Want The Best Carrot Ever? Check Out My Weekly Tip Number 8.

I had a friend tell me a few months ago that he didn’t like carrots.

When I asked him why, he shared his experience of, time and again, eating old, dried out, sugarless, pale orange carrots. He said he had never had otherwise!

I think we’ve all had a similar experience. It’s the kind of carrot that you have to immediately stop eating and find a brighter, sweeter one to replace that “off” taste in your mouth.

Well, thank Latte for learning from farmers who grow carrots how to pick the crispest, brightest, sweetest bunches off them all. And learning how to make that taste last for days on end.

When you learn how to choose the best, you’ll be hard pressed to speak about nothing but the wonders of carrots. That’s what happened to my friend.

He’s a carrot convert.

Win one for farmers. And carrots.

Chef Nathan Lyon Weekly Tip Eight




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