The War on Health

It was such a different time.

World War I. World War II.

The country came together to support the war efforts in many ways. One of which was that during times of war, everyone contributed via their food choices.

It was wartime and rationing and food education was a big part of supporting the troops.

Less meat. Less wheat. More gardening. More local foods. Less waste.

It was war, after all, and we were in it to win it.

What did the U.S. Food Administration do? They promoted the heck out of rationing. They educated people how to cook. They shared how to prepare meals using leftovers. They encouraged Americans to lower their consumption of  sugar and meat. They started the Victory Garden campaign. To gather together for the greater good. Yes, it was a different time back then.

Now we live in the time of abundance. Of convenience. Of consumption.

We have anything. Everything. And more.

But, there’s still a war going on in America. It’s not necessarily the one we can see outright. Our children aren’t running off to storm a beach in France, but they are making their way to their neighborhood fast food joint. They are doubling up on their sugar and fat intake at school.

There’s a war on health.

We are constantly being bombarded by the big food companies. By the media. By television programming. By the food industry lobbyists. Right here on America soil.

We’re fighting for the lives of our children and grandchildren. So they can live a longer, healthier life than our own.

It wasn’t a wonderful time – WW I or II. Oh no, Latte. I’m not trying to romanticize the past. But I do want us to go backwards. Just a little. Because sometimes progress isn’t always about moving forward. Sometimes we need to remember. Let’s rewind ourselves to a healthier time of eating. Back to the days of whole foods and gardening. Of teaching each other how and what to cook. Let’s ration our high fructose corn syrup intake and reduce those ingredients that we cannot pronounce or do not know why they’re in our food.

It’s time for us to rally to improve the health of this country. I believe we can live a healthier more delicious life without it feeling like a sacrifice. In fact I know we can.

It’s time to take a step backwards before we can forge ahead.


3 thoughts on “The War on Health

  1. Thank you for your post, Nathan. As usual I have shared it so it can multiply and reach more viewers. People can greatly benefit from the pleasure and commomn sense you bring to us every day.

  2. This is an amazing article, thank you. I agree with everything you say above, but as a working Mom with 3 very active boys, my biggest challenge following your advice is time and money. Not only is there a war on health, there is a war on the family meal and the time to prepare it. I have a blog and would love to do a Get FRESH series with you. Take your tips and ideas and share them with Moms like me. Now is the perfect time of year for this content, we have a captive #MeatlessMonday audience with lent starting. Would you be interested?

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