We Should Have Packed a Lunch

Being from Northern Virginia, having moved to Colorado, then continuing westward to (and settling in) Los Angeles, its rare that I have an opportunity to take such long, beautiful drives across the landscape of Texas.


Unlike the towering, snowcapped mountains of Colorado, or the colorful, undulating Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, driving through the middle of Texas, with it’s beautiful ragged oak trees, numerous cattle ranches, and the occasional oil pump is an exploration of just how vast an area can be. Ask anyone who has dared drive the entire length of the state. It is massive. Yet, unlike the sleep-inducing drive on Interstate-5 between Los Angeles and San Francisco, or long stretches of Interstate-70, the drive between, say, Dallas and Houston has personality.



However, there is one thing this 4-hour stretch of asphalt does not have. Food.

To be fair, all long-distance drives in this great Nation are riddled with “Big Box” fast-food joints, and almost all are completely void of any “non-processed” food options. You can see their signs from miles away, like weeds sprouting tall from the earth. Calling to you like sirens. Coaxing weary (read “bored”) drivers to pull over and enjoy yet another $3.99 meal of requisite burger (or fried chicken sandwich), fries, and soft drink.

So much food. So little nutrition.

Unfortunately, I think these fast food joints are here to stay for a while. So, maybe (as Latte suggested before our recent drive from Houston to Dallas) we should consider packing some food for our longer drives. Or, shorter drives. Or, airline flights. Or, for our lunches at work for that matter. That way we, as a Nation, can control what we eat more often, and not fall victim to those fast food sirens calling to us from the jagged rocks of high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity.

$3.99 might be cheap in the short haul, but over the long journey of life, it can seriously take it’s toll on our health.

Then we really pay the price. Big time.


Be sure to pack a lunch.


2 thoughts on “We Should Have Packed a Lunch

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Too many times all that there is around is fast food and when im in a hurry the last thing I want to do is eat a salad on the go (not pretty). Thank you for bringing attention to a very important issue. Failure to plan = plan to fail.

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