Cheese Glorious Cheese

Super-sous and I just wrapped up a fabulous time at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco – seeing old friends, making new friends and, of course, tasting new products (read sipping Lattes).

One of the highlights of the show, was seeing our friend (whom we met last year for the first time), the uber talented master cheese affineur, Rodolphe Le Meunier.

Rodolphe lives in France and brought over (at least) 2 dozen different cheeses for sampling at the show. (Some of his cheeses are sold in San Francisco and hopefully in more cities in the United States by the end of the year.)

After exchanging smiles and hugs, Rodolphe said he wanted to share with us his new cheeses. (Twist our arm.) After approximately 11 perfectly structured and delicious cheese samples, he said, “That was just an appetizer. Now comes the real tasting.”

Here’s Rodolphe, our master cheese hero, handed us one of the cheese (courses) samples.


Each cheese had its own unique experience/taste and he structured the samples to go from the most creamy, drippy ethereal to the stronger, saltier cheeses. I can honestly say his cheeses are the best I’ve ever enjoyed and had Super-Sous and I not had a prior meeting scheduled, we would have spent our whole afternoon talking and eating cheese with Rodolphe.

We are also really excited about an event Rodolphe just started called the International Cheese Tour. A 3 day show/expo solely focused on cheese! Sounds like a dream.

Now we all have to figure out how to get to the Loire Valley in France at the beginning of June. Road trip?



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