My Love Affair With Latte and TCHO Chocolate

As if TCHO, the artisanal chocolate company out of San Francisco, wasn’t delicious enough, they have recently come out with their Mokaccino – a blend of their chocolate and Blue Bottle Coffee in a single bar.

Be still my Latte! It’s a dream come true.

If you follow my Facebook postings and blog, you know about my love affair with Latte and especially with the Blue Bottle / TCHO combo – the TCHO mocha – which is served at Blue Bottle Coffee shops in San Francisco.

The coolest part? It was all done through a series of beta taste testings where they sent different samples of the bar in the works out to serious chocolate lovers and chefs to give their feedback so they could refine their creation. (Yours truly jumped up and down for joy when I was invited to be part of the Beta Testers team.)

Now, I am not advertising TCHO on anyone’s behalf. I simply enjoy their chocolate and have grown to know and respect the people behind the bars and beckels. So much so, that I give them a shout out in my cookbook have contributed one of my recipes from Great Food Starts Fresh to their website. It’s from the “Chocolate” season of my book (yes, chocolate – the 5th season of my seasonal cookbook!) and it’s a breeze make. Really.

Go ahead. See for yourself…. and enjoy, my chocolate loving friends!


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