Iceberg Lettuce. Merit or Meh?

Yesterday, I posted a question the following on my Facebook page and it caused quite a divisive discussion so I wanted to put it on the table for everyone to weigh in on.

“Topic: Iceberg Lettuce. Question: Why?”

With so many flavorful and nutrient rich greens out there (and when I say nutrient rich, I mean other than water), besides being a receptacle for bleu cheese in a wedge salad, I often wonder about the iceberg’s popularity.

Enlighten me, Latte.



3 thoughts on “Iceberg Lettuce. Merit or Meh?

  1. Sometimes plain, old simple traditional comfort food has it’s place, especially in emotional times. B L T on white toast (iceberg, the traditional) is necessary here. Friday’s Wedge salad would not be the same,without it, but it needs to be crisp and cold! Nothing turns me off quicker than 1 leaf of iceberg on a hot sandwich that wilts 10 seconds after the sandwich is made. It is overdone, used as filler, and I agree, sometimes cost is an issue for certain events, but, please, if it’s mostly iceberg, please beef it up with enough crunch, so the dressing does not sog-out the entire salad!

  2. P.S. Nathan, you are the TOPS in MY book! Thanks for putting spice into the food industry! Thanks to you, eating becomes dining, an enjoyable experience, not just a fix-the-hunger issue, Your Personality really brings a lot to the table!! Hoo-RAH!

  3. I hate food snobs so I don’t want to come off as one but I really hate iceberg lettuce. Is very wet and has no flavors. Luckily, the places I go here in Raleigh, NC (The Borough, The Remedy Diner) all use mescalin greens. So much better flavor!

    Arthur B Raleigh

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