Veggie Stock

Oh my Latte – it’s so EASY to make delicious vegetable (or chicken) stock.

From experience, a a potentially great soup can be ruined by those pre-made box stocks. I have yet to find a good one. With homemade stock you control what goes in and that means no coloring, sugar or high amounts of sodium. (Unless of course you want that? Green stock for St. Patricks day, anyone?! Huh? Okay, I digress…)

Ready for a fun and simple cooking adventure? Here we go. Open your refrigerator. Grab those old carrots, that limpy celery, some mushrooms, an onion, a little salt, whole peppercorns, and a handful of your drying out parsley and thyme. You know, the things that have inhabited your crisper drawer for weeks, those things that most of us would discard. Now, chop it up, throw it all in a pot, add water, set heat to low and voila – hours later you have perfect vegetable stock. See? Easy!

Soups, polenta, risotto, braising meats – all the things that come naturally with Autumn – deserve a flavorful stock… as do YOU.

I can just taste it all now.


Poor neglected vegetables – lookout – you’ve got some life in you yet.



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