The Converted

With Blue Bottle Lattes in hand, Super-sous and I are heading back to Los Angeles after a wonderful week / weekend in Santa Rosa and San Francisco.

While in San Francisco, we stayed with some of Super-sous’ extended family – a beautiful couple and their two sweet girls – for the weekend. It was a cooking extravaganza. Much to my honor, this family loves cooking from my cookbook and is hungry (pun intended) to learn more. So, Super-sous and I had a blast cooking, teaching and sharing as much as we could.

Now, funny thing about this situation. One out of four of this beautiful family LOVES eggplant. Meaning, the other three do NOT like eggplant. Translation, this family does not eat eggplant. Therefore, all of my delicious eggplant recipes have been passed over with a flip of the page.


Since we left the National Heirloom Expo with a delicious bounty of heirloom tomatoes and eggplants plus onions, garlic, parsley, fennel, and basil, we were in the perfect position to make my roast eggplant caponata and indulge the eggplant lover in the family. The ONE eggplant lover.

Did I say one eggplant lover? Scratch that, now make it FOUR eggplant lovers.

And this is how it goes. Take my Dad. He didn’t like eggplant until he tried my recipes (of which I have several in Great Food Starts Fresh).

Turns out, most of the time people don’t like a certain food is simply because it has never been prepared to be its most delicious self. (Don’t even get me started on the evolution of Brussels sprouts-from funk to fabulous / boiled to roasted with bacon (yum) in one generation!)

It’s so wonderful to see the excitement when someone discovers a new taste and the door to a new food flys open.

Eggplant lovers? Grab your cookbooks. Roast Eggplant Caponata. Summer season. Great Food Starts Fresh. It’ll make the skeptics in your life believers.



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