Photos, Photos, Photos! National Heirloom Expo Day 3

Day 3 of the National Heirloom Expo and it just gets better each day.

Super-sous and I didn’t have a lot of time yesterday to explore the expo so today we took a few hours to wander, wonder and wow at all that we saw!

Once again, this is an amazing event.

Congratulations to the Heirloom Expo Team who, in only their second year, managed to put on such an inspiring, educational, and eye-opening event for all ages.

We weren’t able to see everything throughout the day or talk to everyone or try every bit of food, but a few wonderful people / produce to mention are:

  • Jerre Gettle for starting the whole Expo with his Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds company
  • Paul Wallace, the Heirloom Expo director who masterfully and easefully ran the show
  • Christian Dake of Baker Creek for choosing the most beautiful and delicious produce for me for my cooking demo today
  • Wild Boar Farms for the most beautiful tomatoes I have ever seen
  • The mad skills of master carver Chef Ray L. Duey – a self-taught witty wonder

And so many more wonderful, kind, and generous people…

And now… grab your Latte and enjoy some of our favorite pics from the day!

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2 thoughts on “Photos, Photos, Photos! National Heirloom Expo Day 3

  1. Good morning Chef. We met at the Sustainable Seafood Institute this past May, at the Earthbound Farm breakfast. Sorry to miss you at the Expo: there sure was a lot going on and so much to see. That was quite the show of diversity and flavor these smart and humble folks put together from “Squash Mountain” to heirloom fruit tastings (I’m in love with Broken Heart plums!) to handsome heritage livestock to being surrounded by so many other like-minded folks who passionately support a flavorful food system free from GM-No!’s.

    Here are some of our photos from the expo:

    Rachel Duchak

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