Thomas Keller

Pinch me.

This past Monday, I attended a food event in L.A. called “The Taste” which takes place on the lot of Paramount Pictures and is comprised of bites of food from local restaurants and samples of beer, wine and mixed drinks. In addition, they also have a lineup of chef demos and discussions.

The highlight of the day’s event for me was getting to attend a discussion/q & a with Russ Parsons (a food editor and columnist for the L.A. Times) and THE Thomas Keller. I had never met or heard Chef Keller speak before so it was especially a treat.

I met Russ Parsons a few years back at another food event in Los Angeles so when I saw him at The Taste just prior to the Thomas Keller discussion, as he was getting ready on stage where he was to interview Chef, I approached him to say hello and asked if he would pass on a copy of my cookbook, Great Food Starts Fresh, to Chef Keller. I signed the copy to Chef Keller and gave the book to Russ. At this point, an old farmers market customer (from back in the day when I used to sell fruit at the local farmers markets) approached me to say hello, but Super-sous was nearby and tells me that she saw Russ give Chef Keller the book. Chef Keller then looked at the front and back and opened it up and flipped through the pages, then walked over to where Russ and I were originally standing (and where I still was).

Chef Keller then graciously thanked me for the book at which point I was so happy I’m not even sure what I said.

Super-sous slipped in and asked to take a photo of the two of us. (As Russ was introducing Keller for the discussion!)

Chef Keller spoke beautifully about his background, method, philosophy, ethics and understanding of food and cooking. For about an hour. He is extremely articulate and intelligent.

Then, at the end, Russ thanked him and opened the floor to questions. But before he took the first question, Chef Keller held up my book and asked if people knew about my cookbook. And said the name of my book.

Whew. What a moment. I’ll never forget it.

I saw Chef Keller at two separate times after the discussion and he thanked me again each time.

Pinch me, Latte.

I don’t get star struck much, but meeting Chef Keller what quite a special moment for me.

My dear friend, Aarti Sequeira, snapped this photo of me while listening to Keller speak. I’m in awe.





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