Sweet Corn Ice Cream – Take 3

In hopes for a less starchy sweet corn ice cream that I’ve been making for my farmer friend who sells the most delicious sweet corn at the farmers market, this time, I decided to grill the corn beforehand (instead of steeping the cobs in the milk).

Well, once again, it was a bit too starchy. Yes, tasty, but I’m not a fan of how the starch lingers at the back of the tongue.

My next idea is to not use corn at all, but swap it out with masa flour (made from corn) which would give it a corn flavor without the starch. This is what they use in the sweet hot Mexican drink, Atole, which is masa, brown sugar, milk and cinnamon. (And a favorite of my farmer friend.)

I guess that’ll make it round 4. Good thing I got more corn today… and that I have Latte to keep me going.

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