Eat Meat or Drink Latte?

The choice is clear. Humanity cannot survive without caffeine, but can certainly survive without meat.

One day, there just won’t be enough water for us to eat meat.

“A California Water Education Foundation study found that one gallon of tofu requires 219 gallons of water per pound, compared to 477 gallons for eggs, 896 gallons for cheese and 2,463 gallons for beef. A frequently cited global study estimates that it takes 1,857 gallons to produce a pound of beef, and 469 gallons for a pound of chicken (not including processing).” –


2 thoughts on “Eat Meat or Drink Latte?

  1. Nathan, You have just opened a can of worms. Starting with lattes…what was the last report on the amount of water being wasted by Starbucks coffee shops alone? Just a couple of years ago the figure was 23.4 million liters of water a day! Hotels and spas can cut back the 300,000 gallons a day per hotel being wasted. Car washes, golf courses, laundries, restaurants, beauty shops, health clubs, swimming pools, family homes and gardens, all waste water. Fast food joints waste 1400 gallons of water per meal in preparation alone.

    There are billions of gallons being wasted in every area of our lives. Some industries are trying to cut back and new techniques are being introduced to help cut down waste.

    Water is essential to life. Don’t blame the animals for over use of water. They are not wasting water, we are.


  2. The thing that I find interesting is that, at least in most cultures, having meat with a meal is optional or a luxury.. Most Americans don’t really share that attitude. I think even shifting the way that we eat, or only eating from sources that are truly trying to help the sustainability process, is a step in the right direction.

    Sadly, it’s not cheap to eat with that particular thought process. As a result, most people eat food that’s terrible, pumped full of chemicals and preservatives.. easy to prepare, etc.

    Lots of things need to change in order for things to change. It’s a catch-22.

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