Cheesecake Heaven

This weekend, amongst a lot of delicious cooking with Super-sous, I made my Lemon-Vanilla Ricotta Cheesecake, which can be found in my cookbook, Great Food Starts Fresh.  (Page 111)

This cheesecake recipe, which took me 9 tries to get just perfect, is the b.o.m.b.

Seriously – it’s really good. Plus, it has a ginger snap crust that’ll blow you away. This recipe is no joke.

I made this cheesecake for one of Super-sous’ and I’s friend’s script reading event. He had completed a writing class and created a TV spec script based on the show Community. This was his big night to share with everyone what he had done – and he did an awesome job!

So, I thought it fitting to bring something special to the show (and it was too late to bring a round of Lattes)…

It was devoured by our friends and his family in minutes.

Although making a cheesecake can be a bit time consuming, I promise, this one is worth the effort. For real.

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