End of an Era

Last night it happened.

It was a double shot.

(And I’m not talking about Latte.)

My Krups blender that I purchased as a floor model, may it rest in peace, finally gave out on me after 13 years of wonderful mixing and blending AND the 2000 feet of plastic film I got from a restaurant I worked at 7 years ago, finally gave out it’s last swath of film.

All in one night. My very first blender. Bam. Then my momma roll of film. Gone.

Just like that.

It’s the end of an era. These two kitchen goodies were with me, side by side, through many a recipe and more specifically, 6 years of cookbook creation – recipe development, testing, fine tuning, and so on.

Yes, I suppose it’s time for a new blender, one that has a readable dial and labels, and plastic film that rolls out with ease and cuts with precision.

All I know is, whatever comes my way next, they’ve got big shoes to fill.



3 thoughts on “End of an Era

  1. I know you can’t hear me but I just played TAPS … may your Krups rest in pieces… peace.

    I love our Vitamix. It does it all lickety-split. If you want one I’ll get you one for an early Xmas. There is nothing wrong with the refurbished model. They give you a 7 year warrantee and a new container. Camilla makes soups in hers. The recipe book says to blend everything then let it run for 4 or 5 minutes and you have HOT SOUP!

    We had Jim and Pat over last night for dinner. Made peach chutney with the grilled chicken (all from Joe). Stuffed tomatoes (from Joe) and beet salad (so damn good). HOW GOOD WAS IT? They finished way before me and they were doing all the talking!

    Off to the pool. Have a fun day. hugs & kisses, mum

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