Family Meals

This week in Maine, Super-sous and I have been cooking for ourselves plus Super-sous’ two sisters and two nephews.

It’s been wonderful to seek out the seasonal produce on offer (read: corn, blueberries, green beans, zucchini and did I mention blueberries?) and cook it up for the family, all the while, teaching/cooking with one of Super-sous’ nephews (14 years old) and sharing how to prepare each dish.

Last night was local mussels with a garlic, white wine butter sauce (sopped up with local sourdough bread), the night before was hamburgers with homemade barbecue sauce and a romaine lettuce bun (aka “protein style”) alongside a local corn and green been salad. (Many of these recipes are from my cookbook!)

What’s on the menu tonight? None other than my 4 cheese macaroni and cheese with sage brown butter breadcrumbs. Sure to be a big hit with the kids.

Best part of it all? When it’s too hot in the kitchen, we’re thrilled. It means a jump in the lake and quick swim to cool off.

Yes, Latte and I could get used to this.





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