Saturday and Sunday Fundays

It was a fabulous day yesterday at De Tierra Vineyards!

With a 5:00am wake up time and Latte’s in our hand, Super-sous and I flew up to Monterey in the morning, rode to the Vineyard and went straight to the kitchen to begin prepping for my cooking/speaking gig.

We prepared my Roast Eggplant Caponata on Crostini and Fresh Fruit Salad with Vanilla Sugar and Hand Torn Mint from my cookbook, Great Food Starts Fresh.

The backdrop for the speaking/cooking demo and book signing was picturesque – a little haven surrounded by vineyards and a group of wonderful people. It’s a little slice of paradise at the Vineyard.

And the fun didn’t stop there… another episode of my new show, Good Food America, was on last night. From Chicago to Texas to Wisconsin to Seattle… we’re taking you all over the US. If you like what you see – let me know. You can email me or post on my Facebook or Twitter!



And now, to start off this beautiful, sunny day… Super-sous and I are off to the delicious Hollywood Farmers Market.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!


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