The War on Tomatoes

Some years back (about two), I had a wonderful tomato plant growing on my front patio.  It produced the most delicious yellow heirloom cherry tomatoes a chef could ever dream of and it was twice as wonderful because I never even planted it. It came as a result of a small bag of rotting tomatoes that happened to fall behind a case of corn and made its way onto the little patch of dirt that soon became it’s home.

Then, it happened.

A gang of caterpillars declared war on my plant.

I took it very seriously and retaliated with full force. In fact, I even blogged about the epic saga in a two part cliffhanger series.

To make a long story short, I won the battle, but I lost the war (or so I thought). After a bout of traveling, one day, I came home to a ravaged tomato plant. It was a sad moment and as time went by, the little patch of dirt that hosted my glorious bounty slowly became dry and arid.

Fast forward two years and what do I see the other day growing from out of (what seems like) nothing? You guessed it. A beautiful strong, healthy tomato plant!

This is the miracle of nature. This volunteer plant waited and waited and when the conditions were right… bam! Now, in just weeks it has grown several feet – like it’s making up for lost time.

This time, I’ll be sure it’s tended when I’m on the road because, dear Latte, those tomatoes are too good to loose.

The battle may have been lost, but I can happily say – the war was won.


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