Baco Mercat is where it’s at

Last night, Super-sous and I went out to eat with our dear friend, Roger, who helped make my cookbook, Great Food Starts Fresh, happen.

Roger is a book broker and works with printing houses around the world to make people’s book dreams come true. This was certainly true for me and Super-sous and I were thrilled to be able to get together with him last night after about 8 months of trying to plan and schedule a dinner.

We took Roger to one of our favorite L.A. spots – Baco Mercat. Chef Josef Centeno rocks it out, plate after plate. We tried a sampling of about 10 different dishes that nearly knocked our socks off.

And who should we see enjoying their meal? None other than the talented chef, restauranteur, and host of KCRW’s Good Food – Evan Kleiman.

Dear Latte – next time you are hungry for some outstanding food (and you’re in L.A.), don’t miss a trip to this little downtown restaurant that has it all.



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