Where to Buy the Good Stuff

So, a chef returns home to no food…

Perhaps this could be the beginning of an obscure joke, but it’s actually a true story (cue violins).

When you are totally out of fresh produce, it’s actually a great opportunity to start with a clean slate and get out to your local farmers market and stock up on the good stuff.

Don’t know where your local farmers markets are? Check out the Local Harvest website.

All you have to do is put in your zip code and the nearest farmers markets will magically be displayed.

This is such a great resource to use in your hometown AND when traveling.

When I was traveling for my new show, Good Food America, Supers-sous and I would take any free time that we had to visit local farmers markets around the country and prepare delicious meals from our hotel room. (Something we do whenever we are traveling, in addition to checking out local restaurants.)

In this way, we eat fresh foods, enjoy the local seasonal fare, enjoy nutritious meals and we don’t break the bank.

Visiting farmers markets is also a great way to meet and mingle with the local community and sometimes, if you’re lucky,  you can even find double shot Latte there. Win-win-win.



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