Kitchen Play

It’s great to spend time in the kitchen again.

Super-sous and I have been spending time doing recipe development almost every day for the past week – now that the cookbook is done, it’s time to expand the repertoire.

Here are a few of the goodies we have been working on.

An orange zest, grand mariner butterscotch bread pudding recipe which needs to undergo a fair amount of revisions to refine the texture and flavor and lower the fat cause this one will outright kill ya’. (But, oh my Latte, this one is a goodie.)

Sauteed mustard greens with a mustard vinaigrette and poached egg. This one is definitely a keeper and will get refined this weekend for the 4th time.

Asian style salad with a seasoned rice vinegar ginger garlic chili dressing inspired by Sam Choy (from our time cooking with him on the Big Island in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago).


Of course there was the fresh local sardine night. Learning how to clean and filet them properly.

Ricotta stuffed squash blossoms. Delicious – a real treat, however the batter still needs some tweaking.

It’s so fun to learn and play in the kitchen.

All around the country, farmers markets are overflowing with summer’s bounty.

So, grab some of that fresh produce and give yourself time and permission to play a bit.

Post photos on my Chef Nathan Lyon Facebook page because it’s so inspiring to see and hear about what others are doing.

Let’s cook!


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