Back in Action

After a week of ocean bliss in Hawaii and a handful of days to get settled back in L.A., Super-sous and I have hit the ground running and are back in action.

It’s been a great couple of weeks. We’ve been hitting up at least 3 farmers markets a week, cooking up many new recipes (finally getting back in the kitchen), and getting down to business.

Yesterday, I was in the studio recording an episode (on healthy restaurants) for The Splendid Table! (TBD as to when it will air.) The recording studio was in the American Public Media Marketplace Offices in downtown L.A. and I got to meet and give a cookbook to my Marketplace hero, Kai Ryssdal!

After that, we zoomed over to another studio to do voice over work for my new show, Good Food America, which starts airing on July 7 (with a little sneak peak on July 4).

Up next: the slow sipping of my double shot Latte, a trip to the gym, a visit to a nearby farmers market to get kale and fresh blackberries, and an evening of recipe development in the kitchen.

Dinner plans, anyone?


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