Magazine Madness

Today, Super-sous and I had a day off from the production of Good Food America and there was only 1 thing on our agenda (besides laundry) and that was to take a trip to Barnes and Noble.

Yes, we finally got our hands on the June issue of Clean Eating magazine which has a review of my new cookbook – hooray! (Needless to say, I bought 5 copies.)

Here are a few fun snippets from the review:

“Lyon…celebrates the fresh and local foods of the farmers market in his debut cookbook… [he] seamlessly implements seasonal produce into over 130 [recipes]…the wealth of healthy ingredients in each recipe makes it easy for you to maintain your clean-eating lifestyle.”

I’m also super excited to say that I will be in upcoming issues (look for them on the stands this summer) of Jamie Magazine (Jamie Oliver’s magazine), Natural Health, and Today’s Diet and Nutrition.

Who would have thought that my latest pastime activity would be to scour through the magazines stands in supermarkets, city shops, and book stores? I suppose there could be worse things… like having to scour for Latte. No, no, no… we definitely wouldn’t want THAT.


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