What’s wrong with this picture?

The other day, I came across this map on Grist illustrating where our money goes/who we are supporting when purchasing different products.

It’s amazing to see how these 10 companies cast such a far and diverse net in the market place. In some cases, they outright own the companies in the boxes, in other instances, they are major financial investors.

So, what does this mean? Well, for one, these companies, which are comprised of so many businesses, have a major control and set a standard for what business and energy practices are used.

Keep in mind that green practices and organics are a very small portion of what these companies are about (thankfully it is growing as a result of social/consumer demand).

When it comes to food, we’re talking about supporting GMO (genetically modified organism) farming which means supporting companies like Monsanto.

In fact, around 80-90% of all corn and soy grown in the United States is now GMO, thanks to Monsanto. That’s why I love supporting local, small business, artisans, and of course, farmers which are growing crops using seeds from organizations like seed savers.

And, I’ve discovered that the best way to find out what your supporting, is to simply ask your friendly shop owner, restauranteur or farmer. That way, you can make the choice as to what and who you want to support. Thank Latte for that.


2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Wow, nothing tells a story like a picture. It’s amazing to see how much of the stuff that fills our supermarket shelves is “food” I won’t buy, won’t eat and refuse to feed my family.

    Aside from the nutrient content, there’s all that packaging, much of it plastic. Tremendous waste!

    I have to clear my head now. Visualizing a world where everyone has access to farmers markets and supermarkets loaded with fresh, organic-grown whole foods that delight all the senses. I’m watching us chatting and laughing as we pick out our fresh carrots, potatoes, green beans; while we fill stainless steel containers we brought from home with berries and grapes; while we chat about the recipes we’re going to try with our succulent peaches and crisp apples.

    All of this affordable because we no longer waste huge amounts of money on corporate profits, excessive packaging, long-distance shipping; and because we’re so healthy we don’t have to choose between dental care, health care and a healthy diet.

    Excellent post. Thank you!

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