Sunny in Seattle

Despite waking up at 2am on Thursday for a flight from Dallas to Seattle, the Good Food America crew arrived in good spirits (special thanks to Jackson, our sound guy (second from right), who supplied us with some entertainment).

After loading our gear and dropping things off at our hotel, we dashed off to our first Seattle restaurant to film.

The food scene here in Pacific Northwest is the epitome of delicious, farm-to-table, innovative cuisine. And did I mention the Latte scene?

That, plus the surprisingly sunny weather (I’m talking not a cloud in the sky) has made this trip fantastic. We also got to meet up with my friend Corky of Ballard Bee Company who is an urban bee keeper with hives all around the city. And I got to catch up with my buddy, Seth Caswell, of Emmer & Rye (whom I met at the Cooking for Solutions event last year at the Monterey Bay Aquarium) and enjoyed a delicious dinner at his restaurant (you MUST order the octopus salad if you go).

Seattle… you’re alright in my book.

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2 thoughts on “Sunny in Seattle

  1. Madison, Nathan, Madison. The Cheese and Produce Speak to You. The Dane County outdoor farmers’ market resumes next Saturday. You can walk the market with the city’s premier chefs in the morning, and they’ll use what you buy for your dinner that night. You’ll love Madison. Ain’t just flyover country anymore.


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