Vintage Americana

Day 4 in Austin has come to a close.

This morning, we visited a pasture raised chicken farm just outside of Austin, called Dewbury Hills Farm. This is a photo of Terry and Jane, the owners of this beautiful, simple farm set in the rolling hills of Texas. They are the picture of small farming. Raising  chickens in a healthy and humane way, supporting their local farmers (by feeding the chickens grain from local sources), and selling to local restaurants and at farmers markets.

I truly did feel like I was deep in the heart of Texas today. Deep in the heart of America, actually. Farming is incredibly hard work, but when it is done right, there is a simplicity about it. It’s a reminder of what the “natural way of life” is.

After the farm, we visited a sustainable Thai food restaurant, Thai Fresh, and I got to jam with Jam! That is… I got to jam out in the kitchen with the chef/co-owner (with her husband, Bruce) of the restaurant, Jam. I learned how to cook 3 delicious Thai dishes – I really can’t wait for you to see.

The production crew on this show is solid and today I must introduce to you all and acknowledge Mike (you can see him in the photo where he is feeding the horses an apple). Mike is a super helpful member of the production team from New Jersey. Close your eyes and think of a typical Jersey/Italian accent, I mean Mike’s even played the role of a New York cop on television! Remember Joe Pesci in the movie My Cousin Vinnie? Well, he sort of sounds like that – especially when egged on. With much love and affection, we all like to tease Mike about his accent, his driving, and leaving the majority of his vowels (that come at the end of a word… “mozzarell” “calamar” – you get the idea) “back in Italy” as he likes to say. That said, at the end of the day, if you need something done, just ask Mike – he’s got it covered.

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