2 Lattes. 2 Shoots.

Today was the first day of shooting for my new TV show where I travel around the US spotlighting restaurants that support their local food purveyors as well as visiting the food purveyors themselves!

With one Latte under my belt, we headed to our first location… delicious food, wonderful Southern hospitality, and great teamwork all around.

With Latte number two by my side, we were off to visit Vital Farms to talk about pasture raised organic chickens.

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It was a warm day in Austin (with warmer weather for tomorrow – in the 90’s!), but never too hot for my good friend, Latte.

It was a long day and we are all up in 6 hours for day #2, but, I must say, the people and food in this city are so fantastic – I just might be too excited to sleep!


3 thoughts on “2 Lattes. 2 Shoots.

  1. Gotta get you to the Dane County Farmers’ Market this summer, Chef. You can also find decent lattes out here!


  2. BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait for the new show! I loved, LOVED, loved, the Lyon:Kitchen each morning.
    Wish you would come to Atlantic City, N.J.!!!

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