T minus 12 hours

Only 12 hours left before my sous and I take off on our 3 week adventure, shooting my new TV show!

With my taxes finally done (I owed), laundry in the dryer (I need more quarters), dishes washed, and last avocado eaten, I think I’m ready. (Well, minus the part where I have to pack…)

First stop: Austin, Texas. Someone once told me that there are more runners than cars in Austin. I also heard it’s the “Live Music Capital” of the world, that there are tons of natural springs, pools and hiking trails, and that the food is outstanding with an abundance of barbecue, Tex-Mex, and farm-to-table delights. (Note to self, pack floss.)

I’ll be visiting 3 restaurants in Austin as well as making several visits to local food purveyors and maybe even a few farmers markets (my favorite), in my quest to find the freshest, most flavorful food in Austin.

For all these things, I am counting down the hours until our departure.

It’s T minus 12 hours. I hope I can sleep.

Which means that it’s T minus 8 hours until Latte! Who needs sleep?!

I can’t wait.

For both.

But first… off for more quarters.



One thought on “T minus 12 hours

  1. Bathing what is name of your show what time will be on and what channel. Thanks meet you in Los angles at your book signing at Hollywood farmers market

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