The Lyon Cometh

This week, (a week I’ve been waiting months to arrive) I embark on part I of the filming of my new TV show, and I couldn’t be more excited!

On Thursday, me and my sous (who is traveling with me) and a crew of 7, will be off and running for 3 weeks filming around the US, spotlighting restaurants that support their local food purveyors. We’ll also be stopping by to visit those local food purveyors, farmers, farms, and mom and pop shops to share their story as well.

Part I of the travels/filming will look a little like this:


After 3 weeks, we take one week off, then we’re hitting the road again for another 3 week stint. Operation Midwest and East Coast.

I’m so excited to travel and learn and then share the highlights and ins and outs with all of you. I’ll be sending updates throughout the trip so you can travel along with me (and Latte, of course) mile by mile.

New people, new stories, and new restaurants…

Lookout, America. The Lyon cometh!


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