A Bittersweet Bite

I must say, this kale salad (from my cookbook) has been my go-to salad this entire winter. It’s hearty, tasty, oh-so filling, but not overly so (I mean, I still have an amazing piece of slow-cooked olive oil poached salmon in the oven!). It has a subtle bitterness (from the kale), it’s pleasantly sweet (from the oranges and dried cranberries) with a great crunch (read: nuts, kale, apple) and is finished with a splash from the dynamic duo: red-wine vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil (kale’s best buds). Fresh, delicious, and fast.

Yet, now that the LA rains have arrived, and winter is coming to a close, I must say, I will miss the winter produce and all the magical one-pot wonderness that can be enjoyed with cool weather. Recipes that last for days, often times getting better – more flavorful with time (if they’re not devoured by your guests, of course). Rustic soups, stews, and slow-roasted root vegetables.

As the weeks pass and the first fava beans, artichokes and asparagus arrive at the farmers markets, those winter veggies I embraced so lovingly will slowly fade from my Rolodex of recipes – making way for quicker, simpler cooking techniques.

But for now, my tasty bowl of kale salad, it’s just you and me, a blanket, a book and some tea.

Thank goodness Latte is always in season.


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